Thank you soo much! I had to start with that. I have been applying for jobs in the pharmaceutical industry for the last 7 months ever since my husband and I relocated for his job. Rep Network was a heaven send. I was able to do what I love in the pharmaceutical field and also at the same time build a business. I hope to stay put for the upcoming years, but if we happen to move again it is great to know Rep Network will still be able to work with me… Also, I have sold Mary Kay and other MLM products over the years but now I can stay in the industry I love and make way more residual income. Thanks Rep Network


Rep Network was great to work with. I needed to supplement my current income and this was the perfect way. I am able to make much more than I EVER expected working part-time. I see now why so many people start as part-time and then switch to full time! Thank you Rep Network

Jackie L.

I wish I could write more than 1 testimony because this opportunity sounded too good to be true in the beginning and now it’s my reality. Flexibility and reward for hard work is all I’ve ever asked for and you delivered. The partners are amazing and have made a dream come true for my family.

Sharon B.

It is going on 11 months now. Time flies… I started to look for employment after I was laid off from my last pharmaceutical job. I vowed to never work in sales again and then things got rough financially for me. I had a friend tell me about Rep Network. I spoke to one of the partners who introduced opportunities that fit my physician relationships and skill set. I moved into their “On Time Training” and then started working with the account manager/trainer. I was up and moving within 3 weeks. The on board process and training was extremely simple and convenient. Now I can leverage all the relationships I’ve worked hard to grow over the last 15 years of being in pharmaceuticals. I work fewer hours for more pay and I am able to go back to school while making a living.

Jolie W.

The training method that is used made my transition from orthopedic sales over to dermatology seamless. I was happy to know that I could have a few products in my “magic bag” that were in my comfort zone then branch out for more opportunity. The weekly training calls I can just dial into have been great. The availability of the trainers and the quick responses has made my job a lot less stressful. I really think because Rep Network stays on top of the industry changes is the reason they have great opportunities. The training model is wonderful and allows you to start work right away.


From A Company:

A sincere “Thank You” is owed to Rep Network. Our national pharmacy was very busy receiving our highest accreditation and Rep network stepped in to help us employ full time working sales people and provide training. Our highest grossing months were during a time when all of our internal efforts were focused on achieving our PCAB accreditation. Rep Network is efficient, timely, they hire quality reps and are overall a great group of people.

Compounding SS

National reach is the first thing that comes to my mind. As a staff member with the pharmacy I have never seen a bigger more prepared team. A representative came to our facility and had an introductory meeting and then before I knew it we had an entire team of employees designated to generate revenue for our pharmacy in every state we are licensed in! Your representatives also had a sense of pride because they felt like they were part of something. I believe it is a culture that has been cultivated by the training staff at Rep Network.

Sam is on its way to be an industry leader in providing staffing and sales training in the medical field. This is truly outsourcing at its best and they have a great group of quality sales representatives. Rep Network has a great business model. To take industry professionals and provide a one-stop shop for recruiting and training is genius. Not only can you provide a fully training sales staff but you were able to set up training for our existing sales staff to make sure the pharmacy was working at its highest and fullest potential. I will say it was me who found your service and I am thankful I did because your success has honestly been my success.

GO Sale Management