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These services preserve precious cash flow, which is crucial for start-ups and small to mid-sized companies. You save on the considerable expense of hiring recruiters, salespersons, sales managers and payroll clerks & accountants, as well as the infrastructure to hire, manage and train them. Best of all, you pay us only after we’ve begun helping you generate sales.

Here’s an overview of how we can help in various key areas:

Boosting Your Sales Strategy

This may be the most important but most easily-overlooked path to success for many companies. We help you strategize your way to increased sales–by helping you better define your target market, refine your story and leverage your sustainable competitive advantages as a prelude to building a well-oiled sales machine.

Matching You With The RIGHT Sales Representatives

Tapping into our Rep Network of experienced, successful sales professionals in your target market, we can quickly bring aboard the right people who can hit the ground running, by calling on their existing relationships to make a quick sales impact for your organization.

Managing Your Sales Team

Training & Development
We’ve got years of experience in training and motivating salespeople to produce superior results. Through our comprehensive Training branded “The Vault”, we put sales professionals through an invigorating and empowering boot camp process designed to teach them the time-tested habits and processes of sales leaders.


Along with high-level training and development of your sales force, we provide ongoing oversight and professional management of these professionals who are crucial to your success.

Assisting In Product Development

For clients with this need, we maintain close relationships with leading product development shops, and help you integrate this important discipline into your larger sales and distribution strategy.

By taking advantage of Rep Network’s proven track record of success in developing powerful sales and distribution organizations, you can focus on what your company does best—developing market-leading products and services. We invite you to contact us to learn more about how we can help you succeed.

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