Are you a distributor with hungry reps looking to sell and a solution to grow your distribution team?

Rep Network provides a turnkey opportunity you can seamlessly manage. The vault offers training, management, and well-organized resources to fully engage your representatives. It eliminates the need to vet out and contract with new opportunities, the work is already done.

Rep Network has proven its ability create the infrastructure and sales support required to launch successful opportunities in the Medical distribution space. We are now sought out by many industry suppliers to commercialize emerging and exclusive products in the industry. Our most recent successful launch is eHome Aftercare, which is enhancing the continuum of care for patients and their families suffering from Alcohol and Drug disease.

Rep Network is one of the nation’s largest networks of independent sales professionals. Whether you’re looking to supplement your income with an additional sales opportunity, sell our products full time, or use Rep Network as your network to independence… we can be your resource to do so.

This may be the most important, but most easily overlooked path to success for many companies. We help you strategize your way to increased sales–by helping you better define your target market, refine your story and leverage your sustainable competitive advantages as a prelude to building a well-oiled sales machine.

We’ve got years of experience in training and motivating salespeople to produce superior results. Through our comprehensive training branded “The Vault”, we put sales professionals through an invigorating and empowering boot camp process designed to teach them the time-tested habits and processes of sales leaders.

Rep Network welcomes distributors to take advantage of our already established resources for you and your team:

Dedicated distributor page

Utilize Rep Network’s distributor page to advertise your distributorship through having a web presence.

Top Industry Supplier Contracts

Tap into Rep Network’s expansive supplier contracts that are already vetted, organized, written, and ready to implement.

Access to the Rep Network Portal

Access for you and your reps to our robust training portal called the Vault. The Vault is where sales training meets technology. This customized portal and app will provide you and your team with one place to visit for all the tools and resources necessary to manage and organize your business and can be accessed on all smart devices

Train and support your Team

We have all the tools and resources necessary to effectively train your team. We have the ability to plug a product you market into our already expansive network. Have a product you market and want help selling it? We have hundreds of reps with all the right relationships that could help ensure speed to peak sales.

Featured Opportunity

The revolutionary new platform that redefines the medical distribution space giving physicians, reps and distributors ALL products and services on The1 universal platform.