Does Your Aftercare Treatment Plan Measure Up? Technologically Advanced, Measurable Treatment Helps Patients Live Again

As an addiction treatment center, how can you ensure proper diagnosing and treatment of your patients? How can you detect, measure, and organize patient symptoms? How can you track detailed patient changes in cognitive performance throughout treatment and recovery? Specific key metrics and up-to-date, thorough measurement are essential to improving patient outcomes as well as treatment and counselor effectiveness.

eHome Aftercare is a company that provides treatment solutions created for addiction treatment facilities to help patients break the addiction cycle through personalized in-patient care combined with family counseling and effective out-patient treatment.

President and CEO of eHome Aftercare, Brad Rex, states, ͞We understand mental health disorders frequently go undiagnosed and undertreated. This is one of the many reasons we are thrilled to offer Deep Mind Insight™ for both measurement and tracking of our patients’ progress toward recovery.

Deep Mind Insight is comprised of two assessments:

1) My Mood Monitor (M3) Behavioral Assessment

2) DANA™ – Defense Automated Neurobehavioral Assessment

These assessments work together to create a psychological and cognitive report on the client at the beginning, middle, and end of treatment as an indication of treatment progression and counselor effectiveness.

The M3 Behavioral Assessment provides tools for screening and monitoring a wide range of mental health conditions, and the M3 Checklist empowers providers by detecting, measuring, and organizing symptoms of common mental health conditions. M3 provides:

27 questions completed online in a browser window in five minutes
Clinically validated measurement of anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, PTSD, substance misuse, functional impairment and suicidal tendency
An M3 Score that represents the likelihood of a clinically significant disorder
Two reports: one for the counselor and a layman’s version for the patient DANA quickly captures longitudinal cognitive biometrics for both in-clinic and tele-health applications.
DANA allows for objective tracking and feedback during intervention and treatment, and can help:

• Assess changes in cognition related to behavioral or mental health issues, assisting care providers in determining intervention efficacy

• Provide an over-time, visual representation of a person’s cognitive development side- by-side with psychological test scores

Because of DANA’s portability, the test can be given bedside, in an office, or during treatment or physical therapy. Use of DANA software can help with:

• Monitoring changes in cognitive efficiency after stroke, illness, or traumatic incidents (e.g., car accidents, concussion)

• Enhancing the patient’s ability to remain in the home environment by wirelessly transmitting brain health reports to medical professionals

In summary, DANA:

Provides neurobehavioral and cognitive efficiency screening
Is FDA cleared
Is app-based
Offers nine different assessments in 25 minutes
Measures stimulus perception, decision-making, and motor response
Offers a quick and simple method for capturing longitudinal, cognitive biometrics
Is used by US Special Forces and professional sports teams
Deep Mind Insight creates evidence-based outcomes and allows patients the ability to receive assistance when they need it most, especially during times of crisis. This greatly improves their chances for long-term sobriety and life restoration.

Email EHOME@REPNETWORK.COM for more information!

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